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Jiu-Jitsu in Haren

Renshu Fights Jiu-jitsu…

Active Jiu-Jitsu for young and old. Teaching the body and mind to absorb (Jiu-Jitsu and Judo) blows, to gain control and to carry out (self)defense tactics.

A Jitsuka is smart. He/she uses the force of the opponent against them, to overpower them. With Jiu-Jitsu you build confidence, you will become mentally and physically stronger.

You will become physically and mentally stronger, age does not matter.


Sander Kat (3e dan jiu-jitsu, 1e dan judo)
(picture coming soon)

Jiu jitsu explained

Jiu-jitsu. Dr. Akiama….
The origin of jiu-jitsu (also called yawara) lies in China.

Dr. Akiama, a Japanese physician, trained various martial arts in China. Wanting to use less power and more flexibility in his fights continued to occupy his mind.

One day, nature delivered him the answer he was looking for. The branches of a cherry tree broke with the weight of some snow. But when he looked at a willow tree, he noticed how these flexible branches bent and let the snow slide off. And so he understood that if one wants to survive, one must be resilient and flexible. “Give in to win”. He adapted his techniques to this insight and jiu-jitsu was born. Various forms of self-defense and sports have evolved from jiu-jitsu, such as aikido, which was originally Daitoryu aikijiu-jitsu, and jiu-jitsu, where the jutsu of jiu-jitsu has become a “do”, a “way” (ju -jutsu -> ju-do)..